To Provide Financial Empowerment & Related Life Skills Training to All 'At Risk' and 'Under Banked' Arizona Residents.

Working Together to Financially Empower Those in Need.

The BrightMoney Foundation (BMF) is Arizona's premier financial wellness and training non-profit organization serving the 'at risk' and 'under banked' residents of our community. Since 2015 we've been honoring our commitment and actively involved in hosting workshops, luncheons, events, and training programs.

Our current initiatives include working with, and financially preparing, young adults exiting the foster care system.  We are also helping the underbanked and those living 'on government assistance' to do the same.

We provide professional financial guidance, life skills training, and basic financial literacy training.

"It is estimated that over 3 million AZ residents are currently experiencing financial stress of some sort.  We help those who don't have the money or mindset to help themselves."

How it works?

We create 'projects' that solve a particular need in our community.  We recruit a project team, build a project plan, create a budget, collect sponsorships, apply for grants and engage the process.

Working together we make a difference in the financial lives of those in question.

The central theme of all projects is that we share the principles, mindset, and techniques of Scott McLaine's BrightMoney Financial Training System with those in need, and those who would not otherwise be exposed to this type of life and financial training.

As a DONOR you help support the project in general and help financially empower those benefiting from the project.

Spread the word! The more people who find out about a project, the more support it gets.

So post a link to the project site on your Facebook page or include it in your email-signature. Or print out the project page and pin it to a noticeboard somewhere in the “real world”.

A Few Highlights of Progress

On October 27, 2015 Scott McLaine, Founder and Author of the BrightMoney Financial Training System and Founder of the BrightMoney Foundation,   publicly launched a Statewide Financial Awareness and Empowerment Campaign.

Since this date, we have directly impacted and empowered over 900 Arizona residents.  It is estimated that this program has helped 'students' collectively save, and put to good use, over $46,000 in money that would have been otherwise wasted.


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